innovate in 3D with Flux

discover the advantages of working in 3D!

Finding new innovative solutions, design, facilitating integration and compactness of systems is nowadays made in 3D.
What are your benefits working in 3D?
Most of Flux users already work with Flux 3D, why not you?

> modeling “invisible” phenomena in 2D

Avoid approximations when taking your geometries from 3D to 2D to get more accurate results!  Don't forget to take into account "border effects" when completing your 2D computations.


Coil heads in a motor
Leakage flux- sensors & actuators
Shunts & conductive parts - transformer
Accurate losses computations - Eddy current model
Design of complex movements - sensors or motors

> adapted & efficient tools for 3D

Direct use of 3D geometries from mechanical CAD files:

  • Better coordination between mechanical and electrical teams
  • More efficiency, avoiding a double definition of the geometry
  • 3D paths, cut planes, 2D and 3D grids, …

A post-processing context to carry out analysis on adapted supports

Import & correction of 3D geometries
Reduce computation time for complex geometries
Preserve realistic device using Non Meshed Coils
Magnetic Field analysis on a cut plane

> Flux, an integrated and powerful environment

Easy handling and efficient use thanks to adapted examples and documentations
Simplified access to 3D with a common environment to 2D, similar methods and tools

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