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CEDRAT News 69 - Discover our design solutions
03 March 2016

Discover our design solutions.

.../... In CEDRAT, we continue to work on several themes to develop our solutions, allow easier exchange of information between different teams and create a technical link between project designers, control engineers and generalists who are increasingly hurried and pressurised. 

In 2016, we are proud to describe our solutions and toolboxes around these themes: offering solutions to quickly and precisely test devices and their control systems displaying non-ideal behaviour, assessing losses for different operating points, taking saturation into account, etc. In the end, it’s all about allowing local assessment of the impact of design choices, modelisation of advanced phenomena, integration into more global workflows and acceleration of calculation. In this latest issue, you will find more proof of that.../... 

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Tunnel Magnetoresistance (TMR) Angle Sensor Simulation Results 

>>  Design and Optimization of a 3D Actuator: a Whole Industrial Process

>> How to Speed Up Your Parametric Analysis Using Distributed Calculation

>> Comparative Study of Concentrated & Distributed Winding Using Flux 

>> How to Find Directly Optimum and Robust Solution? 

>> 3D Overlays Innovations in Flux®: a Fast Way to Enter Motor Models

>> Learn How to Gain Time to Solutions and Optimize your Mesh Results 

>> Three Cooperative Projects Involving CEDRAT Teams  

>> Have you Heard About SimuLEE?  

>> Techicals Seminars & Events!   


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CEDRAT News 68 - Innovation is Non-Stop Competition
02 October 2015

Innovation is Non-Stop Competition.

Winter is already approaching in our Alpine region. A few mornings ago, cooler temperatures reminded me of that superb ski race I took part in Austria, and of it’s motto " Everybody is a winner against himself ".../...

We often work in mature markets, which are sometimes locally in recession, and where we have to fight ceaselessly to head off new arrivals, or against mergers and acquisitions, with very stiff price competition and fluctuating raw material prices, and so forth...  

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Flux 12.1 Offers Significant Steps for 3D Simulations.
>> Using Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Supply with Flux.
>> The Eternal Challenge of Innovation! 
>> New Functionalities in Flux Thanks to Macros.
>> Using CEDRAT’s Tool to Review Thermal Solutions.
>> Checking Remanence Issues with New Hysteresis Model.
>> Simulate the Effects of Ferromagnetic Materials.
>> How to Perform Active Thermography Testing Using Flux.
>> InCa3D: Capacitive Effects for E M C Analysis.
>> Computing Capacitances Matris with Flux and InCa3D
>> Have you heard about SimuLEE?
>> Accelerate your Projects with our Consulting Team! 
>> Trainings

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CEDRAT News 67 - Think global design, think multiphysics!
29 January 2015

The Need to Think Globally.
Think global design, think multiphysics! Flux® 12 “Innovate in 3D” slogan doesn’t mean to stop at the 3rd dimension. Multiphysics has also become a new dimension in the world of simulation. Flux, at the heart of the multiphysics platform, is good at coupling electromagnetic phenomena to thermal, vibro-acoustic or mechanical ones. Working with expert software, offering comprehensive embedded applications make it possible to work with simulations made accessible and realistic by interpreting different levels of models and complexity... 

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Flux® 12 New Features: Innovate in 3D.
>> User Subroutine Using Groovy Language in Flux®.
>> Demagnetization in Permanent Magnets.
>> Eccentricities Faults Magnetic Signature of an Induction Machine.
>> Cogging Torque Computation.
>> 3MA Finite Element Modeling of 3MA NDT Devices.
>> Power Transformers Design and Analysis...
>> A modern Tool to Easily Integrate the System Dimension in Your Design.
>> Pushing the Limits of Transportation.
>> Trainings & Events.

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CEDRAT News N°67 (high definition 11.0 MB)

CEDRAT News 66 - Coming to maturity. Faster... Cheaper... Better... for less!
19 June 2014

The pressures industry faces to maintain competitiveness, segment their products to the extent of customising them, meet increasingly demanding standards and, of course, anticipate the needs of potential new users are just part of today’s world. Simulation tools provide some of the support industry needs... 

Highlights of this magazine:

>> From Tesla to Pascal, a magneto-vibroacoustic analysis linking Flux to LMS Virtual.Lab

>> Minimizing Joule losses of a three-phase distribution bar system

>> Design optimization of traction motors for EV applications

>> Eccentricities faults in a rotating machine analyzde with Flux

>> Study of mounted surface permanent magnet synchronous machine using Flux Skew

>> Cogging torque computation and mesh for non-radial electrical motors in Flux

>> Heating process optimization with GOT-It coupled to Flux 

>> Induction Heating and forced cooling analysis with Flux

>> Identify supply to establish a predefined profile of temperature with Flux

>> Academics testimonies


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CEDRAT News N°66 (4.0 MB) ; CEDRAT News N°66 (high definition 14.0 MB)

CEDRAT News 65 - The right partner to access the "Premium Market"
25 November 2013

Because of its acceleration – 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds – amongst other features, the Tesla Model S was elected “Car of the Year 2013”. The recently-marketed BMW i3 will transport you just as comfortably as any traditional combustion engine-powered city car, with a range of 160 km... and very convincing, silent acceleration (0-60 mph in 7.2 seconds). The Red Bull team has topped world Formula 1 rankings for many years. Last summer, Solar Impulse crossed the United States by air, powered only by solar energy...

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Flux 11.2 new release: accelerate your design...

>> New functionalities in Flux thanks to macros.

>> CEDRAT HPC stragtegy...

>> Control of an induction machine using Flux - Portunus coupling.

>> Magneto-vibroacoustic analysis: a new dedicated context inside Flux.

>> Customized tools for efficient virtual prototyping.

>> Dramatic improvements in BLDC machines with Flux.

>> Finite elements method modeling of contactless energy transfer systems. 

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CEDRAT News N°65 (4.0 MB) ; CEDRAT News N°65 (high definition 9.0 MB)

CEDRAT News 64 - Gain access to highest-performing design solutions and the best ethods
19 february 2013

“If tomorrow you were able to choose between multiplying your calculation power by 100 and doubling your methodology resources to work on improving your simulation methods, which would you choose?” I often think about this question, put to the R&D manager from the aviation manufacturer Dassault Aviation at a conference... 

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Optimization of a PM assisted SR machine ...

>> Gamma calculation for MTPA on a magnet machine.

>> New functionalities in Flux 11.1 with macros.

>> CEDRAT connection to Isight (Dassault Systemes): a further advance...

>> Analysis of Grounding Performances of Car Body using FEM shell elements.

>> New Service Pack 1 & 2  for Flux 11.1.

>> Power Electronics SMC inductive components...

>> CEDRAT consulting team interview. 


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CEDRAT News N°64 (4.0 MB) ; CEDRAT News N°64 (high definition 8.0 MB)

CEDRAT News 63 - Still the same challenging spirit
20 june 2012

Since early 2012, when CEDRAT S.A. concluded the spin-off of its mechatronic activities, the company has focused on its core products: software development and distribution. The time is right to align our messages and promote our expertise not only in software, but also industries and applications, upon which our reputation was built... 

Highlights of this magazine:

>> Flux 11.1 : entering a new generation.
>> Steady state AC magnetic coupled with transient thermal...
>> Electromagnetic steel products: a systematic iron loss evaluating scheme.
>> Motor-CAD 7.1 & SPEED releases.
>> E.C. Inspection modeling of the elbow of a steam generator tube...
>> System integration of an electromagnetic linear actuator.
>> Portunus 5.1 release. 

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CEDRAT News N°63 (3.0 MB) ; CEDRAT News N°63 (high definition 9.0 MB)

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