an accurate evaluation of connection's parasitic behavior

without prototyping

The best method to model metallic conductors in a structure

The PEEC (Partial Element Equivalent Circuit) method is based on low frequency formula to extract the electric parameters (resistance, self and mutual inductance) from geometries.
An easy and well adapted meshing makes it possible to take into account skin and proximity effects.
The method is very well adapted to model every kind of metallic conductors inside a complete structure and enables fast and precise computations.

The PEEC method advantages

The advantages of the PEEC Method for modelling electrical connections :

     •  Some theory about the PEEC method (extract of the InCa3D training course)
     •  Further explanations about the PEEC method (extract of the InCa3D user’s guide)

<b>Equivalent circuit of a unidirectional conductor defined with PEEC elements<b>