GOT-It release highlights

boost your simulation tools capabilities
with GOT-It 3.0

Get in started easily with the new User help

  • Browse easily within a new friendly interface.
  • Find out all kind of tutorials, learn faster about the software functionalities.
  • Discover short & accurate examples showcasing the software's performance & capabilities (Optimization application notes).
  • FAQs answering your specific questions are reachable with no effort.
  • Open directly the solved projects thanks to drag and drop capability.



Let you guide in your work

  • Be informed in real time of the software running with the new progress indicator.
  • Don’t feel lost when you see an empty field: tooltip messages will guide you of the procedure to follow. 
  • Manage your projects in 2 clicks: from menu Project click on Explore directory and have a global view on your working folder.
  • Right click on your entity of interest and get schematic information about all the ancestry and dependence connections.

Be more flexible in your results analysis

  • Supervise the optimization process in real time by visualizing the results and gain time in your analysis.
  • Go beyond of Pareto frontier with 2 objectives. Now you are allowed to display the Pareto frontier in 3D and find out the compromise solutions. 
  • Understand and select easier the best solution in the case of multi-objective optimizations using the display of sub domains superimposed to the Pareto frontier.
  • Take advantage of various export formats for your result analysis: txt, png, html



Optimize more efficiently

  • Be confident to find the realistic optimum solution by taking into account tolerances and the worst case deviation.
  • Take benefit of improved GMGA algorithm for your multi-objective optimizations.
  • Define easier your discrete parameters using the definition by file.
  • Be able to import curves thank to the tabulator reader connector.



Enjoy the distributed computing (CDE)

  • Let you help in the installation process with a new software wizard.
  • Stay informed of the platform state thank to contextual information panel.
  • Be safe of untimely interruptions due to system errors. Now CDE is equipped of a smart error management making the tool more robust. 
  • Be able to check the configurations that have not been solved correctly using the individual job folders.
  • Gain time with the round robin capability allowing to distribute the jobs on a smart way.