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operating principle

operating principle

Optimize without being an expert in mathematics!

Cases of optimization from various applications are now accessible for everyone thanks to a user friendly interface, including interactive commands. The user has access to the most advanced optimization functions. He simply has to enter the parameters, constraints and values to optimize. From this data, GOT-It will define the best configuration(s).

The optimization principle

Optimization means to determine the best elements of a set (the optimum) in terms of a given quantitative criteria.
Example: to minimize the losses in a device, to reduce the response time of an actuator, etc. 

Design & optimization procedure


Consists on determining the most influential parameters on functions (objectives, constraints). It is done before the optimization in order to be able to reduce the number of parameters, simply selecting the most influential ones. 



Consists on finding the optimum design that allows reaching one or several objectives by respecting constraints. Different algorithms (Stochastic and Deterministic) are available proposing searching strategies based on successive evaluations until the optimum is found. 

Successive evaluations to search the optimum
Pareto frontier in the case of optimization with 2 objectives
Pareto frontier in the case of optimization with 3 objectives

Robustness analysis:

Allows verifying the optimum solution robustness by evaluating and displaying the functions around the optimum (as many curves as variables). For instance, it allows checking if an optimum motor design remains universal within the small parameters variations. 

Parametric analysis

Allows driving Flux parametric solving from GOT-It

Advanced Tools for Efficient Optimization

  • Design of experiments
  • Indirect optimization using response surfaces
  • Automatic Sequential Surrogate Optimizer (SSO)
  • Distributed computing using CDE (Cedrat Distribution Engine) 


GOT_It-Schema main steps
SSO operation principle
Optimization workflow

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