distributed computing

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The distributed computing is an HPC (High-Performance Computing) method that allows distributing numerous computations (parameters sets) of a single project on several processors simultaneously. 


CEDRAT software Flux and GOT-It are equipped by a dedicated distribution engine that allows distributing and executing simultaneously numerous calculations over all the processors available on a single multi-core PC or using a network (cluster). 


For instance, the Flux computations asked by GOT-It are submitted on the distribution tool that distribute them over the computational resources. Many tasks are done simultaneously as the processors are available. As soon as a resource is available, another task is launched. And, once a computation is done the results are recovered in the pilot software (for instance GOT-It). 

As a consequence, the time needed to perform parametric studies, screening, design of experiment or optimization can be dramatically reduced in function of the number of processors used (see perf).


A dedicated interface allows configuring and managing the computation resources, as well as supervising the state of the submitted tasks.

Although the distribution process is fully automatic, it gives the possibility to see in real-time the evolution of the computing jobs and offers controls to the user to fine tune the usage of computing resources.

Main features

  • Automatic distribution and management of the computations
  • Multi language application
  • Automatic error management
  • Round robin
  • Distribution on single multi-core PC or cluster
  • Different packages of tokens depending on your needs
  • Available for Windows dependent OS 64-bits

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