high performance design optimization

for your devices and systems


“I made of GOT-It my optimization solution for the conception of electrical machines in 3D. I appreciate especially the different levels for the algorithms configuration whatever I wish obtain rapidly a solution or optimize within a large number of parameters. The coupling with Flux 3D is easy and allows me using all the simulation results as constraints.” 

Guillaume VEREZ, MMT

Boost your CEDRAT simulation tool capacities

The GOT-It optimization software complements CEDRAT modeling tools (Flux 2D&3D, InCa3D, Portunus) and offers the ability to boost their capabilities to define the best device configuration(s) according to a set of objectives and constraints


Optimization examples:

  • Minimize the cogging torque of a motor
  • Improve the efficiency of a machine or a transformer
  • Decrease the time-response of an actuator
  • And many others…

Automatic coupling technology

Coupled to the other tools of CEDRAT software suite, it is particularly well adapted to automatically drive numerical models, and search for optimal configurations in design studies. Starting from an initial model of the device, and with the definition of input parameters, an objective function and constraints, the software allows searching efficiently the design space using a reduced number of calls to the numerical model. Using advanced algorithms, the tool extracts a configuration that optimizes the objective function and meets at best the constraints.


Optimization software main features:

  • Mono or multi-objectives optimization, with or without constraints
  • Direct or indirect optimization
  • Stochastic and Determinist Algorithms
  • Global optimum searching
  • Screening
  • Robustness analysis

 A powerful and reliable optimization tool

Based on modern mathematical optimization methods, GOT-It’s powerful solver is based on advanced algorithms initially developed by the G2Elab. These algorithms were developed from the beginning in the CEDRAT « software philosophy ».

A full range of optimization algorithms (genetic, conjugate gradient, simulated annealing …) enable the user to select the best method in order to optimize his application case.

The challenge of computing time reduction

An efficient optimization tool is software which reduces the computing time to a minimum with the guarantee of accurate results. From the beginning, GOT-It was developed to solve large complicated problems. Therefore, it supplies efficient tools for:

  • model reduction 
  • indirect optimization in a very simple way which is very efficient with finite elements models
  • distributed computing for finite elements models

Using GOT-It enables working on cases which could not be considered up to now.

They trust in GOT-It!