Create and manipulate complex 3D geometries

  • Improved CAD import process with collision detection and correction tools
  • More efficient tools to simplify and repair faces
  • Extrusions along any line
  • Going from 2D to 3D and vice-versa in a few clicks




Analyse dielectric withstand of equipment

  • New application to study transient electric phenomena
  • Non-linear behaviour of materials taken into account
  • Post-processing tools to evaluate dielectric breakdown risks



Go further in transient

  • Faster solving of 3D transient models of electric machines considering movement
  • Only store the results you need and save space on your disk
  • Faster post-processing of large models with many time-steps

Go multiphysics and optimize with Altair tools

  • Coupling with OptiStruct for vibro-acoustics analysis
  • Link with Compose to automate your design studies
  • Optimization available from HyperStudy (Beta)
  • System analysis with Flux-Activate co-simulation (Beta)

Miscellaneous improvements

  • Better management when continuing a parametric solving in distributed mode
  • Faster post-processing on cutting-planes
  • Improvement in error messaging