dedicated design solutions for electric motors

powerful tools for powerful machines

The design and optimization of rotating machines has become essential in a global context of an increasing demand of electric power with higher quality and efficiency standards in respect with new environmental requirement

From watch motors to power plant generators, CEDRAT offers a full suite of tools for the design, the analysis and optimization of a wide range of rotating electric machines. Flux Rotating Machines Package includes the leading 2D and 3D Finite Element package for motor design & Motor overlays.


2D and 3D Finite Element dedicated package to motor design

Flux2D/3D Rotating Machine
Flux can easily perform 2D and 3D model computations
  • Geometry building facilities such as import of objects and copy of geometry, mesh and parameters
  • Advanced electric circuit with dedicated components to model brushes, squirrel cage…
  • Rotating kinematic coupling to take into account the motion of the machine (inertia, friction, drag torque…) as well as to compute the mechanical values (speed, torque, position…)
  • Skew model enables taking into account 3D effects, avoiding full long 3D analysis thanks to 2,5D model






Motor Overlays dedicated environment

The revolutionary Motor Overlays are fast, reliable and easy solutions for rotating machine design.

  • Fast, thanks to sequential dial box for the geometry construction
  • Reliable, as libraries of components are backed by years of engineering in motor field and implemented on users request, & benefit from latest developments in software technology provided with Flux
  • Easy, as Flux & Motor Overlays provide adapted parameters and vocabulary to the user: the designer does not need then any skills in Finite Element modelling
  • Defined out of well chosen parameters, the motor model does not require any skills in Finite Element modelling. For instance, overlays  model’s mesh is fully driven with a single parameter.

Advantages of this electric machine design solutions

Easy geometry creation thanks to the overlays, symetry, non mesh coils, predefined and extruded mesh: Flux Motor Package offers powerful solutions to motor specialist
  • Overlays for easy definition of machines (geometry and mesh)
  • Easy multi parametric studies
  • Electrical and kinematic couplings
  • Scripting language for design automation
  • Fast and precise solving
  • Skewed geometries avoid long 3D computation time
  • Multiphysics capabilities
  • Optimization, robustness and sensitive analysis 







They already use our motor design solutions

ABB, Alstom, General Electric, Leroy Somer, Bernard & Bonnefond, Somfy, Electrogen, G2ELab, Maccon, Loockheed Martin, Valeo, …

Post-process in Flux3D thanks to Flux skew
Solve in 2D, Post-process in 3D, thanks to Flux skew, offering all the functionnalities of post-processing in full 3D

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