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Discover our new online service Flux FAQs on the video

CEDRAT offers you a new service: its new Flux FAQs online.  

As an extension of your maintenance contract, we offer you the access to our new collaborative platform: CEDRAT’s Gate. 

Hundreds of connections illustrate the success and the interest of the Flux users for such a modern help tool!

An efficient service:

  • 24/7 available
  • Regular updates: the data base includes all standard FAQs collected by our support team
  • Submit your own question to increase the data base and share it with the Flux users’ community.
    We'll give you a fast answer!
  • Subscribe to new FAQ answers!
    Simply select the option: Subscription > Subscribe (in the upper menu) in the directory you like, and you’ll be informed of new content.

  • Another way to check new material deposit since you last visit:
    Upper menu: Tool > What’s new? > What’s new since your last login?   

A simple access

Weblink: https://gate.cedrat.com

Ease of use

Platform use is very straightforward. Should you need any help, please consult the online manual:
"To help you: read the FAQ online manual" in Flux FAQ portlet on the homepage.

This platform will be frequently enriched with new contents (macros, software download, videos, ...).

Please feel free to visit with no restriction!