explore and discover alternative solutions with Flux 2D/3D simulation

thanks to automated multiparametric capabilities

Parametric control in Flux allows you to control all geometry and mesh constructs as well as applicable physical properties and excitation source values. 
Each of these can be defined by a simple real number or you can actually enter mathematical expressions into the text fields. The use of expressions dramatically simplifies geometry creation, modifications and re-use.

Flux 2D/3D: an easy control for each parameter

The following elements can be parametrically controlled:


Flux 2D/3D: a fully automated multiparametric solving process

Our solver technology directly accesses the parameters used in a model instance, and allows you to explore a similar design alternative by simply perturbing desired parameters instead of having to revisit the pre-processing.

Non meshed coil model in a rotation machine
Induction in the core of a current sensor using non meshed coil models (primary and secondary)