Flux leading software for electromagnetic and thermal simulations

Reduce your design cost with Flux 2D/3D

Save money, save time… Based on 30-years of experience, Flux is reliable and accurate.Flux is a finite element software application used for electromagnetic and thermal physics simulations, both in 2D and 3D. Flux can handle the design and analysis of any electromagnetic device.

Flux 2D/3D features a big number of functionalities dedicated to electromagnetism

Flux features a large number of functionalities, including extended multi-parametric analysis, advanced electrical circuit coupling and kinematic coupling, it is suitable for :

  • Static,
  • Harmonic and
  • Transient analysis

Flux: designing, analyzing and optimizing a huge variety of applications

Flux is suitable for designing, analyzing and optimizing a variety of devices and applications such as:

  • Rotating machines
  • Linear actuators
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • Transformers
  • Induction heating devices
  • Sensors
  • HV devices
  • Cables
  • Nondestructive Evaluation

 Flux is a G2ELab (previously LEG) co-development.