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Backed by years of experience, CEDRAT is proud to put at your disposal its technical publications, hoping they will be useful and rewarding. Ranging from heat treatment, rotating machines…to ship magnetisation, embedded power system…we do hope that you will find the information that suits you best.

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Featured publications

Layout Modelling to Predict Compliance with EMC Standards of PowerElectronic Converters


EMC, Power Converters, Academics, InCa3D, Research Institutes

Magneto vibro-acoustic Analysis Linking Flux to Ansys Mechanical


Flux, Rotating machines, Automotive & Transport

FE Thermal Analysis of Squirrel Cage Induction Motor


Flux, Induction machines, Industry Equipment

How to SpeedUp your Parametric Analysis Using Distributed Calculation


Flux, GOT-It, Rotating machines, Systems, Others, Academics

How to Find Directly Optimum & Robust Solution


GOT-It, Industry Equipment, Others

Design & Optimization of 3D Actuator


Flux, Actuators, Magnetic linear actuator, Industry Equipment

Comparative Study of Concentrated & Distributed Winding Using Flux


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Academics, Flux, Other types of machines...

Checking Remanence Issues with New Hysteresis Model


Flux, Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Actuators, Transformers & Inductance, Energy Generation, Transfert, Distribution, Energy transfer & distribution, Transformers

Flux12.1 Offers Significant Steps for 3D Simulations


Flux, Actuators, Sensors, Generators

InCa3D Capacitive Effects for EMC Analysis


EMC, InCa3D, Microelectronics & semiconductors, Others