efficient and sustainable solutions

Productivity, innovation, efficiency, respect of the environment and safety, compliance with the norms, adaptability… The requirements for the various industrial equipments are many.

The simulation tools allow to take into account these multiple demands to create and optimise the components that answer to these various issues. The system approach is particularly well-adapte
d to analyse the behaviors and impacts of the different elements between each other.

"Flux (2D and 3D) is a very powerful tool for the design of electromagnetic heating devices and in particular for induction heating applications."

Dr Fabrizio DUGHIERO

Various industries

  • Electrical Appliance
  • Industry Equipment
  • Factories, Machinery, Robotics
  • Industrial process

A wide range of applications

Rotating machines

  • Brushless SPM
  • IPM motors
  • SPM
  • AC variable speed drives
  • IM
  • All kind of brushless and DC machines
  • Generators
  • For pumps, conveying systems, positioning systems (servo motors), etc

Energy distribution

  • Switchboards
  • Panel boards 
  • Control panels

Electric protection & switching


  • Position & proximity sensor
  • Speed measurement 
  • Current measurement


  • Circuit breakers 
  • Relays
  • Electromagnets
  • Linear motors
  • Plungers
  • Voice-coils
  • Magnetic couplers
  • Mechatronic systems…

Parasitic behavior of interconnects

Conducted and radiated emissions of electronic subsystems

  • Magnetic effects of electric energy installations on health

Heat treatment

  • Heating
  • Brazing
  • Hardening
  • Welding
  • Sealing
  • Cooling process

NDE materials inspection


ABB, Arelec, EDF, Emerson, Eurocontrol, Fives-Celes, Leroy Somer, Mecalectro, Microspire, Ormazabal, Schneider Electric,  Siemens, Socomec, ST Microelectronics, Tecumseh,…