power for the network!

energy generation, transfer & distribution

Increasing complexity of global energy market, growing demand and the need for reliable and flexible energy: all players involved in designing and marketing electrical equipments are facing multiple economical and technical challenges. 

Moreover, environment protection awakening is creating a massive development of renewable power generation methods and electrical corresponding devices.  

From the generation of electrical power to its final conversion, power systems rely on a large variety of electrical equipments which can be analyzed, improved and made safer with CEDRAT software simulations.

Various industries

  • Energy generation
       . Nuclear, gas & steam turbines
  • Renewable Energies
       . Wind Energy
       . Hydro generators
       . Solar
  • Energy transfer & distribution
  • Fluid Power, Gas, Petroleum, Pipeline
  • Safety Equipments
  • Smart Grid
  • Utilities

A wide range of applications

  • Generators, synchronous machines
  • Power networks, T& D
  • Filtering & compensation Reactors, static VAR compensator (SVC)
  • Power transformers, Cables, Busbars,…
  • Switchboards, panel boards
  • Current transformers
  • Circuit breaker, HT & MT electrical insulation
  • Insulators, cable bushings
  • Conducted and radiated emissions of electronic subsystems: Magnetic effects of electric energy installations on health


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