smarter, faster, smaller, eco-friendly

...and cheap!

The needs in home appliances are always more pressing in terms of innovation to offer to the users, always more demanding on functions, but also constantly seeking a product that would be less toxic for the environment, more quiet, more compact… and at the best price.

"Flux is accurate, time-saving, fast, helpful for the designers"
Mr Pinan, R&D Manager in LANCOR 2000

Various industries

  • Household appliance
  • Electronics
  • Consumer electronics
  • Constructions
  • Information systems & electronics, computer science, data processing

A wide range of applications… found in many equipments


  • Electric machines & drives IM, PMBM, switch reluctance motors, generators
  • Position sensors, voice coil, actuators
  • Electric distribution & safety equipments, panel boards, busbars
  • Emergency power systems, UPS, power supply


  • Washing machines
  • Refrigeration & air conditioning systems
  • Compressors, Pumps
  • Hard disc, recording systems
  • Elevators, Buildings openings / closures automatic control of doors
  • Audio equipments 


Hitachi, KONE, Legrand, Panasonic, Schneider Electric, Samsung, Seagate, Somfy, Vorwerk...