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The usefulness of computer software is indisputable when teaching electrical engineering. CEDRAT offers dedicated solutions that are adapted to the teaching environment.

Why use CEDRAT’s solutions?

  • Enhance the marketability of your University and the future placement of your students, by training them with industry-leading solutions
  • Prepare and illustrate easily your courses, by using the resources available
  • Equip a classroom with state-of-the-art technologies at a fraction of the cost
  • Be flexible, by having your students use the same program on their own (free downloads)
  • Get assistance, to start with Flux or get answers to questions from our support team

“Electromagnetic simulations using Flux is widely used for pedagogical goals. For example, simulations on cables and overhead lines picture electrostatic phenomena”
Dr François Gaille, Ecole d’Ingénieurs du Canton de Vaud, Switzerland


Flux Textbook cases dedicated to professors

To help teachers illustrate their lectures, we have created a set of ready for use examples with Flux illustrating a various range of electromagnetic phenomena.
Via a simple pre-defined layout, you can easily drive the Flux® finite element program and obtain immediate results by changing the parameters of your problem. Each example comes with a description sheet, mini-videos and illustrations.

A tutorial is also available if you want to build your own examples, giving you step by step indications.

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