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CEDRAT software solutions include a wide range of electrical and mechatronic engineering applications to meet most user profiles. From mechatronics systems to power systems, from electromagnetism to electromechanics, CEDRAT software solutions are dedicated to increasing your productivity and helping you to improve the performance of your devices and systems.

For academic research, CEDRAT provides full professional licences of the programs at a fraction of the cost.

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“Electromagnetic simulations using Flux is widely used for pedagogical goals. For example, simulations on cables and overhead lines picture electrostatic phenomena”
Dr François Gaille, Ecole d’Ingénieurs du Canton de Vaud, Switzerland.

Why apply to CEDRAT's University Partnership program?

Having its roots deep in the university circle, CEDRAT recognizes the significant contribution university research bring to the electrical engineering community and understands that engineering students need to be prepared to enter the work force by using industry-leading tools.

We are committed in playing an active role in academia and our partnership program aims at providing universities easy access to our solutions for both educational and research activities. We invite you to join our network of academic partners:


By offering state-of-the-art technology at discounted rates to universities, the CEDRAT's University Partnership program helps you to:

  • Enhance research, by using programs identified as expert solutions by the industrial and academic leaders of the community
  • Improve the marketability of students through experience: companies today are looking for graduating engineers who have experience with CEDRAT simulation programs
  • Prepare and illustrate easily dedicated lectures thanks to our Educational products, resources and users contributions
  • Promote your work, by sharing experiences with other users and CEDRAT experts (articles in CEDRAT News magazine, presentation at Users conferences, examples in Teaching Kits, success stories in Testimonies...)
  • Benefit from a high-level support service to assist you with your technical and logistical questions

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