transformers & inductances
design > analyse > optimize

Dedicated software for the simulation of magnetic, thermal and electric phenomena, Flux features numerous tools allowing the design and the analysis of transformers and inductances.



CEDRAT design software solutions for transformers & inductances

Flux: Skewed geometries avoid long 3D computation time

GOT-It: Optimization software coupled with Flux 2D and 3D

Transformers & inductances applications

  • Power Transformer 
  • Current Transformer
  • Multi-phase / Single phase transformer 
  • Filtering & compensation Reactors…

Transformers & inductances domains

Power industry, Renewable energy

Rail, Aerospace, …

Study the influence of various parameters of design

  • Design & virtual prototyping of transformers and inductances (geometry, material, electrical circuit)
  • Optimize its efficiency and find the performance optima 
  • Study the materials sensitivity to temperature variations (non linear dependence)
  • Thermal and frequency analysis (losses evaluation)…

Analysis outputs

  • Magnetic induction and magnetic energy
  • Eddy currents distribution in conductive parts
  • Joule losses, Iron losses, Stray losses 
  • Currents, Voltages versus time 
  • Temperature: Color map distribution

Advantages of our software for transformers & inductances

  • Geometry building facilities
  • CAD import from various formats STEP, IGES, DXF, STL, SAT, Inventor, Pro_E, CATIA V4, CATIA V5…
  • Multi parametric solving enabling the study for different geometries and physical properties
  • Advanced electric circuit descriptor integrated in Flux including various components to account for the loads (balanced or unbalanced) and the connections between the different conductors
  • Dedicated Flux features for coils modeling: stranded and solid conductors 
  • Thin conductive and surface impedance regions to account for the skin effect

CEDRAT customers transformers & inductances references

Schneider Electric (official software) including companies as France Transfo & Jeumont Schneider transformateurs, EDF, Areva, Alstom, Transrail, ABB Secheron, Federal Mogul, General Electric, Korean Electrotechnology Research Institute, Iskra Stikala, Trafomec, Transfor, Microspire, G2Elab…