heat treatment
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Pioneering the simulation of magnetic and electric heat treatment phenomena, CEDRAT has become a world leader in providing software solutions for the design and analysis of heat treatment process and equipments.



CEDRAT simulation software solutions for heat treatment

Flux2D and 3D thermal & electromagnetic FEM analysis

Heat treatment applications

  • Induction, Conduction, Dielectric Heating
  • Heating, Brazing, Hardening, Welding, Sealing, Cooling,…
Induction heating device modeling using non meshed coils in Flux 3D

Heat treatment domains

Industrial process & materials, Household appliances,
Automotive & Transport, Power T&D, …

Study the influence of various parameters of design

  • Design heating process and optimize its efficiency (frequency, power, inductors,…)
  • Virtual prototyping of inductors
  • Study the temperature distribution in a component after a heat treatment
  • Evaluate the materials sensitivity to temperature variations (non linear dependence)
  • Compare different processes together (static, scanning, single shot,…)

Analysis outputs

  • Temperature: Color map distribution in the whole device, variation versus time
  • Eddy current distribution and Joule losses, Thermal losses
  • Materials: Visualize locally the evolution of properties (permeability, conductivity, specific heat, thermal conductivity) versus temperature
  • Flux density and magnetic field
  • Electromagnetic forces

Advantages of our software for the design of heat treatment applications

  • A unique set of “coupled” applications (magnetic-thermal; electric-thermal; dielectric-thermal) 
  • Thin region models allowing to reduce mesh size for high frequency surface heating process
  • Mixed mesh generators: Precise and economic mapped mesh generators adapted to eddy current distributions in the skin depth
  • Electromechanical coupling in 2D and 3D to account for the motion of a part during the computation (scanning)
  • Advanced CAD import capabilities: from various formats STEP, IGES, DXF, STL, SAT, Inventor, Pro_E, CATIA V4, CATIA V5,…

Our customer references for heat treatment applications

Arcelor Mittal, CEA, CELES, CIT (Center for Induction Technology), Dalekovod, EDF, EFD Induction, Fluxtrol Manufacturing, GH Induction, Inductelec, InductoHeat, Instytut Spawalnictwa, Inova, Nexans, SAET, SCANIA, SINTEF Energy, Socomec, Termetal, Tetra Pak, UGIMAG,…