electric field
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Thanks to import capabilities and varying mesh tools, Flux becomes essential for simulation of industrial dielectric devices. The high level of mesh quality required for electric field computation can be easily obtained with Flux. Accurate results with fast computation are key points for 2D and 3D dielectric designs.

CEDRAT simulation software solutions for electric field

 Flux: 2D and 3D thermal & electromagnetic FEM analysis

Numerous electric field applications

  • Circuit breaker / Arc chambers
  • Insulators
  • Cable bushings
  • Transformers

Electric field domains of application

Power industry, T&D, HV and MV devices manufactures…

Study the influence of various parameters of design

  • Study the influence of material dielectric properties
  • Check electric field variation vs. distance between conductors
  • Track maximum field to prevent dielectric breakdown
  • Design and optimize deflector’s shape
  • Study the influence of parasite conductors (Pollution layer)

Analysis outputs

  • Electric field colour shade
  • Electric potential isolines 
  • Capacitance
  • Dielectric losses

Advantages of our software for the design of electric field

  •  Advanced CAD import and healing capabilities: from neutral formats (STEP, IGES, DXF,...) to native formats  ( SAT, INVENTOR , Pro_E, Catia V4, Catia V5,...)
  • Automatic mesh
  • Infinite box: for open boundaries and far fields computation while keeping a light study domain
  • Easy multiparametric studies 
  • Fast solving process

Our customer references for electric field analysis

Schneider-Electric, AREVA...