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To design, analyse or optimise a linear actuator and its drive, CEDRAT offers complementary software solutions for electromagnetic and electromechanical analysis.

CEDRAT simulation software solutions for actuators

Flux: 2D and 3D electromagnetic & thermal FEM analysis

Portunus: Design of power electronics and mechatronic systems

GOT-It: Optimization software associated to the CEDRAT suite allowing finding efficiently the best configuration of devices and systems

Numerous electric actuators applications

  • Circuit breakers, Protection relays, Electromagnets, Linear motors, Plungers,   Voice-coils, Printer needles , Eddy-current brakes, Magnetic couplers, …
  • Mechatronic systems
  • Actuator response time optimization, BEMF optimization, Cogging force minimization

Actuators domains of application

HV and MV devices manufacturers, Automotive & transports, Fluid power, Robotics …

Study the influence of various parameters of design

  • Design and virtual prototyping of coils and magnetic core (geometry, material, electrical circuit)
  • Transient electromechanical studies accounting for mass, friction and spring force and drive system
  • Optimize the efficiency and find the best mechanical and electrical performance
  • Study of the behaviour of the device embedded in the system
  • Definition of continue and discrete parameters with different rounding grids, Use of design of experiments to determine the influence of each parameter on the required performances (objectives and constraints), Parametric study on analytical functions or functions derived from FEM

Simulation outputs

Flux: Magnetic field distribution, Currents and Voltages versus time, Mechanical quantities versus time (electromagnetic forces and torques, Speed, Position, …), Eddy current distribution, …

Portunus: Control systems & Power electronic, Data systems …

GOT-It: Direct or indirect optimization with response surfaces, Optimum values of parameters, Robustness analysis of the optimum solution

Advantages of our software for the design of electric actuators


  • Strong Electromechanical coupling in 2D and 3D to account for the motion (translation, rotation, free position, constant or variable speed) during the FEM computation 
  • Strong Circuit and FEM coupling with electric circuit descriptor integrated in Flux 
  • Rapid and accurate solvers
  • Easy multi-parametric studies


  • Versatile and intuitive, 
  • Complete library of electro-mechanical components,
  • VHDL-AMS language

Flux-Portunus cosimulation:

  • Allows using important library of model of electronics component (diode, transistor, etc…)
  • Allows integrating the actuator on a whole mechatronic chain

  • Allows taking into account of eddy current

Flux-Simulink® cosimulation


  • Automated coupling GOT-It / Flux 
  • Optimization of FEM boosted thanks to strategies based on design of experiments approach (Screening and Indirect optimization with response surfaces) 

  • Different levels of use

Our customer references for actuators

Actaris, AEMF, Asco Joucomatic, Borg Warner, Celestion, CNES, Delphi, Densitron, European Space Agency, Eaton, Fluid Automation, Gauss Magneti, Goodrich, Hager Electric, Ikerlan, Iskra Stikala, Isliker Magnete, ISL, JCAE, Legrand, Leach international, LG electronics, Luxalp, Magneti Marelli, Magnet Schultz, Mecalectro, Parker Hannifin, PSA, Protonic, Robert Bosch, Schienle, Schneider Electric, Sulzer Innotec, TEC Automatismes, Thales, TRW, Walker Magnetics, Zodiac...