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We respect our duty to provide the best quality for our product.  Having said this, our 30 years of development have generated billions of lines of code for our product and although unwelcome, errors can occur.
In this case, we have set up an efficient processing process.

Any dysfunction detected during the construction of a version is managed using our Eventum tool.  This tool allows us to track each anomaly, allocating a ticket number to it, which will be communicated to the customer in the systematic acknowledgement of receipt.  Subsequently, this customer will be systematically informed – within 48 hours maximum – of the solution found to the problem and at the time of final correction.  Internally, the history and evolution (discovery, correction, validation) is monitored closely and regularly.

In a few very rare cases, a new specific version can be regenerated and requalified for a customer, or a specific group of customers, using a problem function.

In parallel, this allows us to centralise customer requests concerning new issues.  CEDRAT uses this tool amongst others to build its subsequent versions.

Report any problems

If you encounter a dysfunction with our product (which, of course, does not include improper use), please report it to your local representative or directly to CEDRAT (support@CEDRAT.com).
Please note as many details as possible about the problems to help us to accelerate the diagnostic process and solve the problem.

  • Under what particular circumstances did the problem emerge?
  • How was your system configured? With which options?
  • What type of analysis?
  • Were you able to reproduce the error?
  • Did you receive error messages?
  • Please remember to send as much information as possible (files, screen shots etc.)