high quality design software dedicated to electrical engineering

because products are more that software


Our support and quality team is structured in such a way as to allow us to permanently monitor the quality trends of our products.

Having said this, we try to deliver the same quality with our different services because our solutions are not just about our software.

- Support:

Our support is also measured constantly and according to different pertinent criteria with, if necessary, a reallocation of resources as a result.  For example, we always plan resources in advance for the release of new versions.  From experience, our users like to discover new functionalities and like to be guided when they first start using the software.


- Training:

Feedback and systematic assessment of our training, both internally and externally, are also an excellent means of monitoring customer satisfaction, both in their use of our products and the quality of service provided, or requests regarding the upgrade our software.

- Studies: 

The major development of our design department over recent years is clearly a guarantee of the quality of our service.  Our customers are satisfied with the reports provided and often they will even come back to consult us for other projects.
It is also an excellent means of validating the quality of our products for very hands-on industrial projects, allowing us to validate our simulation results with measurements.

Our customers talk about the quality of our solutions!

CEDRAT is a people-sized company.  Users of our design solutions have often spoken on our behalf about the quality of our services, the approachability of our teams, and their professional expertise.
And that’s why we work with such prestigious companies.