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During the construction of a new version, several intermediate versions are generated

- A first beta version containing at least 80-90% of the new functionalities is generated.  It is used intensively internally by our application engineers and our consulting department.  Our distributors and technical partners do the same thing in parallel which allows us to test a maximum of application scopes and configurations.  These functionalities are not yet finalised and the validation is in progress through an iterative process.  They can thereby test and feedback on new version functionalities.

- Subsequently, RC version, which contains 100% of the functionalities, is delivered to a selection of customers.  This version is used by our whole sales force, including distributors, to promote the new functionalities to their respective customers.  The validation department has a minimum of 2-3 months from the release of this version to qualify the final version.

- Then, and only then, the commercial version is delivered to all qualifying clients.
If any final dysfunctions are discovered, we do not risk disrupting what has been initially validated.  It will be mentioned in a release note supplied with this software and corrected in a future service pack.

Example of conclusive results measured during test cases during the development of a version

Each stage is subject to a rigorous test procedure:

- Validation processes
- Organisation of test days within CEDRAT with the whole Applications department (validation team, consulting, documentation etc.)

All tests and test result evolutions are meticulously monitored over time, which allows us good visibility as to the robustness of our future versions.