quality assurance at CEDRAT


The purpose of our simulation tools is to save you time and money in the product development cycle. We demand the best possible functionality of our products because each problem encountered costs time, money and even stress for both you and us. We want to provide a high level of quality for all our design tools and services, wherever you are in the world.

Our permanent concern

  • High-quality, robust products that are always operational and well-documented
  • Tested interoperability with all our range and third-party bundle software
  • Sales and technical partners based in Europe, America and Asia, with a real technical know-how and applications expertise, able to react to the whole of our range, wherever you are in the world
  • A multicultural and multilingual sales team ensures your satisfaction and coordinate your projects worldwide


CEDRAT solutions are worldwide known and appreciated among our customers, such as: Air & Space; Automotive & Transport; Defence; Energy transfer & Conversion; Household Appliances; Industrial Process; Materials; Non Destructive Testing; Research Institutes; University Labs and Teaching Organisations
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