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April 2016
March 2016February 2016
  • 3D simulation for TMR sensor applications 
  • Wireless energy transfer 
  • Getting started with Flux software 
  • Optimum and robust simulation 
  • New Flux 12.1 documentation
  • New issue of our multiphysics simulation magazine! 
  • call for paper for 2016 Flux Conference 
  • New tool to design and evaluate motors! 
  • Does the Temperature of a Magnet Affect its Strength? 106 times faster computation! 
  • Discover the advantages of working in 3D! 
  • Efficient design and analysis of transformers 
  • Powerful simulation tools for research and education 
  • Discover SimulEE new web pages! 
  • New functionalities in Flux tanks to Macros!



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