Optimal Design of a Permanent Magnet Heater for Aluminum Billets


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Industry Equipment, Industrial Process, Applications

Flux Motor Design Tool A Key Success Factor for our MACCON Customised Motor Designs


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Energy Generation, Transfert, Distribution, Energy transfer & distribution, Transformers, Applications, Flux

Low Frequency EMC Analysis of Power Systems and Equipments


Electrical Connections & Insulation, Cables & Transmission Lines, Busbars, Industry Equipment, InCa3D

Cogging torque Computation and Mesh for Non Radial Electrical Motors in Flux


Rotating machines, Other types of machines..., Others, Flux

Eccentricities Faults in a Rotating Machine Analyzed with Flux


Rotating machines, Induction machines, Academics, Flux

Heating Process Optimization with GOT-It Coupled to Flux


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Academics, Flux, GOT-It

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