Comparative Study of Concentrated & Distributed Winding Using Flux


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Other types of machines..., Academics, Flux

3D Overlays Innovations in Flux A Fast Way to Enter Motor Models


Rotating machines, Other types of machines..., Applications, Academics, Flux

Checking Remanence Issues with New Hysteresis Model


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Actuators, Transformers & Inductance, Energy Generation, Transfert, Distribution, Energy transfer & distribution, Transformers, Flux

InCa3D Capacitive Effects for EMC Analysis


EMC, Others, Microelectronics & semiconductors, InCa3D

Electromagnetic and Mechanical Analysis Using the Coupling between Flux and Vibro-acoustics


Rotating machines, Induction machines, Automotive & Transport, Flux

Electromagnetic and Mechanical Analysis of a Linear Actuator for House Appliance


Actuators, Magnetic linear actuator, Buildings & Residential Equipments, Household appliance, Electronics, Constructions, Flux

Learn How to Gain Time to Solutions & Optimize your Mesh Results


Rotating machines, Others, Industry Equipment, Flux

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