Panos Lazari

Which university did you study in and when?

I have received the B.Eng. degree in 2010 from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK, where I am currently working towards the Ph.D. degree on the development of traction machines for EV applications.


Since when have you been using Flux® software?

I have been using the Flux® software since 2011.


For which applications?

Flux® has been used for the electromagnetic design and analysis of electric machines developed for electric vehicle traction applications.


Can you give us an example of how your work has benefited from using Flux®?

The excellent parametric capabilities and integration of Flux® software with powerful optimisation tools, allows for the complete exploitation of the available design space. In addition, the ability to conveniently create custom made macros to automate any process in the software, as well as the recently available distributed computing capabilities provide  great versatility in investigating several electromagnetic phenomena in a timely efficient manner.    


Would you recommend this software to your future colleagues?

I would strongly recommend Flux® to my colleagues not only due to its great capabilities, but also due to the excellent user support provided by CEDRAT.