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Aujourd'hui, plus de 300 universités à travers le monde utilisent les outils CEDRAT ...

L’utilité du logiciel est incontestable lors de l'enseignement en génie électrique...

Pour la recherche académique, CEDRAT offre des licences professionnelles complètes à un prix raisonnable...

They are talking about us!

"I’ve been using Flux since 2010 when I attended a practical course called “Finite Elements in electromechanic actuators” which was part of my Master's studies. This course and my subsequent work with Flux® was done at the institute of energy conversion technology led by Prof. Herzog at the TU München."
Stefan Lobmeyer - TU München,  Germany


"It has greatly benefitted my research. I am able to accurately model our experimental machines. In this way, I can work more efficiently through carefully planned laboratory experiments by first running simulations. Additionally, Flux® brings designers freedom, which is especially beneficial for research purposes."
Wesley Doorsamy - University of the Witwatersrand -Johannesburg, South Africa


 "I used to teach M.S. degree students and new Ph.D. students about using Flux® software for the design of electrical machines .../... I firmly recommend it for all those who work in electrical engineering fields (laboratories, university or companies). It is a very effective, helpful design tool which can be used to assist engineers or researcher in the optimal design of electrical machines."
Huguette Tiegna - University of Le Havre, France

"The excellent parametric capabilities and integration of Flux® software with powerful optimisation tools, allows for the complete exploitation of available design space. In addition, the ability to conveniently create custom-made macros to automate any process in the software, as well as the recently available distributed computing capabilities deliver great versatility in investigating several electromagnetic phenomena in a time-efficient manner."  
Panos Lazari - University of Sheffield - United Kingdom


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