welcome in the world

of multi-domain simulation!

Portunus is a unique multi-domain system simulation software that now makes it possible to model within the same simulation sheet a complete mechatronic system.

A wide range of applications

  • Transportation
  • Automation and Drives
  • Energy Conversion
  • Sensors and Actuators
  • Etc…

From the simulation of drive systems and switched mode power supplies to investigation of the heating of electronic components: there are no limits for the usage of Portunus!

A user-friendly and intuitive interface

New users will quickly learn handling the software and thus focus on their main target: explore new domains and converge faster to solutions. 

VHDL-AMS language

Compatible with latest IEEE standard such as VHDL-AMS language, is the right package software to centralize your engineer multi-competences and make your projects come true earlier.


Portunus will help you to

  • Diminish your products launch time, thanks to reduced engineering phases
  • Avoid costly prototypes and long multiple validation processes
  • Optimize your products liability with complete and efficient analysis.