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30-days free trial for academics

The renewable one month product license is free and can be downloaded and used by students, teachers or researchers. The academic license is for personal educational purposes. The analysis work performed with students must be non-proprietary, and the product may not be used for competitive analysis (such as benchmarking) or for any commercial work. 


The CEDRAT academic license provides access to problem-size, limited versions.  
Flux demo version is available only in 2D for 30-day free trial.
The demo version is limited to 6000 1st order nodes.


It includes the following options with pre-processing, solver and post-processing:

  • Magneto static: direct current, non linear soft magnetic materials, magnets
  • Electro static: electric charge density (or fixed potential), dielectric materials
  • Electric Conduction: conductors, potential and/or current fixed at the boundary, electrical conduction
  • Steady thermal: density of power dissipated, materials with thermal conductivity, convection or radiation exchange coefficient at surfaces
  • BPM, IM, DCM and SRM Overlays : preprocessing overlays (geometry, mesh and windings)

If you are Teacher or Researcher please feel free to contact us for an evaluation of the full version of Flux.


Before filling out the request form, please make sure you have the appropriate equipment by checking the system requirements.


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