Customized Tools for Efficient Virtual Coupling


Rotating machines, Induction machines, Measurements, Measurements, Characterization, Flux, GOT-It

Investigation of Oscillations in a 6.5-kV, 1-kA SiC Diode Module


EMC, Power Modules, Power Converters, Others, Microelectronics & semiconductors, InCa3D

E.C.Inspection Modeling of the Elbow of a Steam Generator Tube


Industries, Others, NDT, Flux

Concentrated Winding Axial Flux Permanent Magnet Motor for Industrial Use


Rotating machines, Industries, Industry Equipment, Applications, Others, Flux

Comparison Between Models for Eddy-Current Loss Calculations in Rotor Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnets


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Industries, Applications, Others, Flux

Build Your Own Dedicated Tool with Excel Driving Flux


EMC, Magnetic Effects on Health, Shielding & Radiated field, Others, Medical, Flux

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