Dramatic Improvement in LDC Machines With Flux 3D


Rotating machines, Transverse flux machine, Industries, Industry Equipment, Electrical Appliance, Machinery, Applications, Flux

Using Flux® and InCa3D for an Induction Heating Device: Evolutions Since 2010 Flux Conference


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Industries, Industry Equipment, Electrical Appliance, Machinery, Flux, InCa3D

Using Flux® Coupled to AMESim® to Design a Fuel Injection System


Actuators, Magnetic linear actuator, Industries, Automotive & Transport

Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors Design for Automotive Application


Sensors, Current sensors, Industries, Automotive & Transport

Use of Genetic Algorithms to Design and Optimize a High-Efficiency LCIPT System


Transformers & Inductance, Power transformers, Industries, Automotive & Transport, Flux, GOT-It

Comprehensive Design of DC Busbars for Medium Voltage Applications


Electrical Connections & Insulation, Busbars, Applications, InCa3D

Investigation of Oscillations in a 6.5-kV, 1-kA SiC Diode Module


EMC, Power Modules, Power Converters, Others, Microelectronics & semiconductors, InCa3D

Success Story: Lodz University of Technology, Institute of Applied Computer Science and ENIKA Ltd


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Applications, Flux

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