Flux API in Induction Heating Applications


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Academics, Flux

Enhancing Surface-breaking Flaw Detection by Induction Thermography Using Flux®


Sensors, Sensors for NDT, NDT, NDT, Flux

Reluctance Synchronous Motor Optimization


Rotating machines, Switched reluctance machines, Industries, Industry Equipment, Electrical Appliance, Machinery, Applications, Flux

Design and Simulation of an Axial Gap Electromagnetic Brake with Flux 3D FEA Package


Rotating machines, Other types of machines..., Applications, Automotive & Transport, Flux

Optimal Design of a Permanent Magnet Heater for Aluminum Billets


Heat treatment, Induction heating, Industry Equipment, Industrial Process, Applications

Flux Motor Design Tool A Key Success Factor for our MACCON Customised Motor Designs


Rotating machines, Synchronous machines, Energy Generation, Transfert, Distribution, Energy transfer & distribution, Transformers, Applications, Flux

Low Frequency EMC Analysis of Power Systems and Equipments


Electrical Connections & Insulation, Cables & Transmission Lines, Busbars, Industry Equipment, InCa3D

Cogging torque Computation and Mesh for Non Radial Electrical Motors in Flux


Rotating machines, Other types of machines..., Others, Flux

Eccentricities Faults in a Rotating Machine Analyzed with Flux


Rotating machines, Induction machines, Academics, Flux

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