magnetic sensors
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Leading software for the simulation of electromagnetic and thermal phenomena, Flux is the ultimate tool for the design and analysis of any type of electromagnetic and electromechanical sensor devices and systems.


CEDRAT design software solutions for magnetic sensors

Flux: 2D and 3D thermal & electromagnetic FEM analysis

GOT-ItOptimization software coupled with Flux 2D and 3D

Numerous sensors applications

  • Position & proximity sensor
  • Speed measurement 
  • Force & Torque sensor 
  • Current measurement
  • Temperature monitoring…
Current sensor 3D modeling using Flux non meshed coils advanced capabilities for the primary and secondary coils

Sensors domains of application

Automotive & Rail, Aerospace, Manufacturing, Metrology, Bio-Medical,…

Study the influence of various parameters of design

  • Design sensor device (geometry, material, electrical circuit, inductors)
  • Optimize its efficiency and find the optimum performance (linearity, accuracy, range of operation, price,…)
  • Study the influence of external perturbation factors (other devices, earth field,…)
  • Evaluate the materials sensitivity to temperature variations (non linear dependence)…

Simulation outputs

  • Flux density and eddy currents distribution
  • Currents, Voltages, Electromagnetic forces, Speed, Position versus time
  • Temperature: Color map distribution in the whole device, variation versus time
  • Materials: Visualize locally the evolution of properties (permeability, magnetic induction)

Advantages of our software for the design of sensors

  • Complete set of magnetic applications: Static, Steady State, Transient, Steady State AC Magnetic coupled with Transient Thermal
  • Electromechanical coupling in 2D and 3D to account for the motion (translation, rotation, free position) of the device during the computation
  • Various simulation methods (multi static computation, multi physic position, imposed speed, imposed position or geometric parameter study)
  • Advanced electric circuit descriptor integrated in Flux including supply sources, passive components, switches, inductors, capacitors to account for the load and the drive of the device
  • Rapid and accurate solvers, co-simulation link with SIMULINK, co-simulation with Portunus
  • Links with other software (Excel, Matlab, Portunus, GOT-It) :

   . Co-simulation with Portunus to allow the integration of the sensor on a whole mechatronic chain
   . Coupling with GOT-It allowing to find the best configuration of your device

Our customer references for sensors

Schneider Electric, ABB, CEA, Crouzet Automatismes, Electricfil Automotive, Moving Magnet Technology, LEM, Chauvin Arnoux, Microspire, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Socomec, Sensorex, Magneti Marelli, Freysinnet, Sagem, SGS Thomson, Visteon automotive systemes, Zertan…